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  1. Nicholas Leach Nicholas Leach Illinois CFM Village of Gurnee
  2. Edmond Lebbos Edmond Lebbos Illinois CFM BLA, Inc.
  3. Rosanna K Lee Rosanna K Lee Illinois CFM Project Manager at HNTB
  4. Michelle Lewis Michelle Lewis Illinois CFM IDOT
  5. Tom Liliensiek Tom Liliensiek Illinois CFM Civiltech Engineering, Inc.
  6. Lucas Lilly Lucas Lilly Illinois CFM General Manager at Resource Environmental Solutions
  7. Jiun-Guang Lin Jiun-Guang Lin Illinois CFM Ridgeline Consultants, LLC
  8. Robert Linke Robert Linke Illinois CFM Kane County Government
  9. Jeremy Linley Jeremy Linley Illinois CFM Civil Design, Inc.
  10. Heather Lis Heather Lis Illinois CFM Village of Barrington
  11. Erin Lisac Erin Lisac Illinois CFM Civiltech Engineering
  12. Garrett M Litteken Garrett M Litteken Illinois CFM Hanson Professional Services, Inc.
  13. Kai Tak Liu Kai Tak Liu Illinois CFM Village of Addison
  14. Jamie Lock Jamie Lock Illinois CFM DuPage County Stormwater Management
  15. Roger Lockwood Roger Lockwood Illinois CFM FluidClarity, Ltd.
  16. Jenny Loewenstein Jenny Loewenstein Illinois CFM Contigo Engineering, LLC
  17. Julie Lomax Julie Lomax Illinois CFM Village of Downers Grove
  18. Jeffrey Loster Jeffrey Loster Illinois CFM Engineering Manager at DuPage Water Commission
  19. Brandon Lott Brandon Lott Illinois CFM Farnsworth Group Inc.
  20. Robert Lott Robert Lott Illinois CFM Farnsworth Group, Inc.
  21. Scott Lueken Scott Lueken Illinois CFM Village of Orland Park
  22. Dan Lynch Dan Lynch Illinois CFM Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
  23. Robert F. Mack Robert F. Mack Illinois CFM Knight Engineering EA
  24. Jeff Macke Jeff Macke Illinois CFM Lead Engineer – Water Resources at HR Green
  25. Jeffrey Maczko Jeffrey Maczko Illinois CFM Village Engineer at Village of Bensenville
  26. Michelle Madrid Michelle Madrid Illinois CFM Civil Engineer at Donohue & Associates
  27. Jennifer N. H. Maercklein Jennifer N. H. Maercklein Illinois CFM V3 Companies
  28. Andrea Maertens-Pizzo Andrea Maertens-Pizzo Illinois CFM Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
  29. Kenneth Magnus Kenneth Magnus Illinois CFM Bleck Engineering
  30. Rishab Mahajan Rishab Mahajan Illinois CFM Geosyntec Consultants
  31. Siamak Malek Siamak Malek Illinois CFM TERRA Engineering
  32. Laura Mangrum Laura Mangrum Illinois CFM Lee County, IL
  33. Derrick Martin Derrick Martin Illinois CFM V3 Companies
  34. Bryan T. Martindale Bryan T. Martindale Illinois CFM Vice President at WSP USA, Inc.
  35. Dale Marting Dale Marting Illinois CFM HR Green, Inc.
  36. Mike Maslowski Mike Maslowski Illinois CFM Engineering Resource Associates, Inc.
  37. Kim Masura Kim Masura Illinois CFM City of Kenosha
  38. Christopher J Mathias Christopher J Mathias Illinois CFM Community & Economic Development Director at City of Moline
  39. Kevin J. Matray Kevin J. Matray Illinois CFM Mackie Consultants, LLC
  40. Bruce D. Matthews Mr. Bruce D. Matthews Illinois CFM President at Matthews Engineering, Ltd.
  41. Donald E. Matthews Mr. Donald E. Matthews Illinois CFM Vice President / Prinicpal at Gewalt Hamilton Asociates, Inc.
  42. John Mayer John Mayer Illinois CFM Engineering Resource Associates, Inc.
  43. Jodi McCarthy Jodi McCarthy Illinois CFM Manager of Government Services at Manhard Consulting
  44. William McClain William McClain Illinois CFM Village of Downers Grove
  45. Sally Ann McConkey Sally Ann McConkey Illinois CFM Illinois State Water Survey
  46. Heather McGowan Heather McGowan Illinois CFM IDNR/OWR
  47. Amy S. McKenna Amy S. McKenna Illinois CFM Project Manager at Hampton, Lenzini, and Renwick
  48. Andrew McKenna Andrew McKenna Illinois CFM H. W. Lochner, Inc.
  49. John McNelis John McNelis Illinois CFM Cook County Highway Dept.
  50. Terra McParland Terra McParland Illinois CFM IDNR/OWR

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