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  1. ERIC BRANDT ERIC BRANDT Illinois CFM City of Watseka
  2. Andrew Braun Andrew Braun Illinois CFM Peoria County
  3. Steven Donald Brendel Steven Donald Brendel Illinois CFM
  4. Steven Joseph Brown Steven Joseph Brown Illinois CFM Hanson Professional Services, Inc.
  5. Zach Brown Zach Brown Illinois CFM Village of Frankfort
  6. John S. Brunke John S. Brunke Illinois CFM Village of Flossmoor
  7. Anthony Bryant Anthony Bryant Illinois CFM Infrastructure Design Manager at WBK Engineering
  8. Jana Bryant Jana Bryant Illinois CFM Pinnacle Engineering
  9. Dave Buckley Dave Buckley Illinois CFM Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
  10. Greta Buckley Greta Buckley Illinois CFM GIS Specialist at Illinois State Water Survey
  11. Abbey Buehler Abbey Buehler Illinois CFM Engineer at Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
  12. Trudy Buehler Trudy Buehler Illinois CFM Senior Project Manager at Mackie Consultants, LLC
  13. Jamey Bullard Jamey Bullard Illinois CFM Village of Morton
  14. Sarah Burgess Sarah Burgess Illinois CFM Hey and Associates, Inc.
  15. Michael Burke Michael Burke Illinois CFM Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
  16. Thomas Burke Thomas Burke Illinois CFM Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
  17. Mark Bushnell Mark Bushnell Illinois CFM City of Sycamore
  18. Gregory Byard Gregory Byard Illinois CFM Project Engineer at The Illinois State Water Survey
  19. Susana Cabrera Susana Cabrera Illinois CFM Technical Manager at Waggoner Engineering
  20. Josh Cackley Josh Cackley, P.E. Illinois CFM Dam Safety Program Manager at US Army Corps of Engineers
  21. Christie Mack Caldarella Christie Mack Caldarella Illinois CFM Project Engineer/Associate at HR Green, Inc.
  22. Michael Caldwell Michael Caldwell Illinois CFM Caldwell Engineering, Ltd.
  23. Randall Carr Randall Carr Illinois CFM Bono Consulting,
  24. Nathan Catania Nathan Catania Illinois CFM CDM Smith
  25. Yovanni Catano Dr Yovanni Catano Illinois CFM Advanced Hydraulics Practice Leader at Black and Veatch
  26. Wes T. Cattoor Wes T. Cattoor Illinois CFM IDNR/OWR
  27. Onur Celik Onur Celik Illinois CFM CDM Smith
  28. Kevin Chaffin Kevin Chaffin Illinois CFM KDC Consultants Inc.
  29. Brian Chaille Brian Chaille Illinois CFM Water Resources Engineer at Illinois State Water Survey
  30. Sam Chakravorty Sam Chakravorty, BS (Geology), MPH (Env Sci) Illinois CFM GIS Specialist at WSP USA
  31. Dean A Chalkey Dean A Chalkey Illinois CFM Chamlin & Associates, Inc.
  32. Susan Chen Susan Chen Illinois CFM
  33. Nicholas M. Christie Nicholas M. Christie Illinois CFM Village of Park Forest
  34. Shen Chu Shen Chu Illinois CFM Water Resource Engineer at WSP USA
  35. Scott W. Cofoid Scott W. Cofoid Illinois CFM Verisk/ISO
  36. Joanna S. Colletti Joanna S. Colletti Illinois CFM GRAEF
  37. Tony Comerio Tony Comerio Illinois CFM Environmental Practice Lead at Hanson Professional Services, Inc.
  38. Erin Conley Erin Conley Illinois CFM State National Flood Insurance Program Coordinator at Illinois Department of Natural Resources
  39. Tim Cook Tim Cook Illinois CFM Lake County SMC
  40. Dawn Cosentino Dawn Cosentino Illinois CFM Water Resources Engineer at Illinois State Water Survey
  41. Michael Cosme Michael Cosme Illinois CFM Senior Civil Engineer at MWRDGC
  42. Mike Cothard Mike Cothard Illinois CFM Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
  43. Alexandra Coxhead Alexandra Coxhead Illinois CFM Water resources engineer at Baxter & Woodman
  44. James Coyle James Coyle Illinois CFM Greenberg Farrow
  45. Juli E Crane Juli E Crane Illinois CFM Lake County Stormwater Management Commission
  46. Anna Culcasi Anna Culcasi Illinois CFM Hey & Associates
  47. Griffin M Cullen Griffin M Cullen Illinois CFM Water Resources Engineer at AECOM
  48. Robert Culp Robert Culp Illinois CFM Midwest Engineering Associates
  49. Chris P. Dagiantis Chris P. Dagiantis Illinois CFM Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc
  50. Ilene Dailey Ilene Dailey Illinois CFM Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.

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