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  1. Jeremy Palm Jeremy Palm Illinois CFM City of Streator
  2. Matt Palys Matt Palys Illinois CFM Project Engineer at Robinson Engineering, Ltd.
  3. Erin Pande Erin Pande Illinois CFM Engineering Resource Associates, Inc.
  4. Wildy Pantoja Wildy Pantoja, E.I.T., MCP, CFM Illinois CFM Senior Civil Engineer at Dupage County
  5. Tatiana Papakos Tatiana Papakos Illinois CFM Water Department Manager at Michael Baker International
  6. Travis Parry Travis Parry Illinois CFM Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
  7. Mehul T. Patel Mehul T. Patel, P.E., CFM Illinois CFM Director of Public Works at City of West Chicago
  8. Lou Ann Patellaro Lou Ann Patellaro, BA, Urban & Regional Planning Illinois CFM Retired ISO/CRS - Insurance Services Offices / Community Rating System. Verisk Analytics
  9. Jamie Patterson Jamie Patterson Illinois CFM EZA Engineering
  10. James Patton James Patton Illinois CFM Assistant Village Engineer at Village of Glendale Heights
  11. Sabin Paudel Sabin Paudel Illinois CFM Illinois State Water Survey
  12. Eddie Paulino Eddie Paulino Illinois CFM MWRDGC
  13. Timothy N. Paulson Timothy N. Paulson Illinois CFM Engineering Enterprises, Inc.
  14. Laura Pellizzari Laura Pellizzari Illinois CFM HR Green, Inc.
  15. Bill Perry Bill Perry Illinois CFM Senior Project Director at Weaver Consultants Group
  16. William Peterhansen William Peterhansen Illinois CFM Edwin Hancock Engineering Company
  17. Kristian Peterson Kristian Peterson Illinois CFM IDNR/OWR
  18. Nick Piekarski Nick Piekarski Illinois CFM Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc
  19. Neil A. Piggush Neil A. Piggush Illinois CFM Piggush Engineering, Inc.
  20. Carrie A. Pintar Carrie A. Pintar Illinois CFM Robinson Engineering, Ltd.
  21. Jeffrey Pintar Jeffrey Pintar Illinois CFM Robinson Engineering, Ltd.
  22. Rob Piscia Rob Piscia Illinois CFM Village of Frankfort
  23. Andrea Podraza Andrea Podraza Illinois CFM Assistant City Engineer at City of Batavia
  24. Tom Polzin Tom Polzin Illinois CFM Hey and Associates, Inc.
  25. Krystian Powala Krystian Powala Illinois CFM Water Resources Engineer at Baxter & Woodman
  26. Daniel Powers Daniel Powers Illinois CFM Clark Dietz, Inc.
  27. Thomas J. Powers Thomas J. Powers Illinois CFM Village of Winnetka
  28. Andrea H. Pracht Andrea H. Pracht Illinois CFM Project Manager at HR Green
  29. Lillian B. Prince Lillian B. Prince Illinois CFM Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc.
  30. Jennifer Prinz Jennifer Prinz Illinois CFM Robinson Engineering, Ltd.
  31. Mike Prusila Mike Prusila Illinois CFM Planning Supervisor at Lake County Stormwater Management Commission
  32. Charles R Pugh Charles R Pugh Illinois CFM Civil Engineer Senior at MSD
  33. Susan Quasney Susan Quasney Illinois CFM Project Engineer at Robinson Engineering
  34. April Ramoni April Ramoni Illinois CFM Zoning Coordinator at McHenry County Government
  35. Scott F. Randall Scott F. Randall Illinois CFM Water & Environment Practice Manager at WBK Engineering, LLC
  36. Jaspreet Randhawa Jaspreet Randhawa Illinois CFM JRM Engineering LLC
  37. Stephen Randolph Stephen Randolph Illinois CFM Horner & Shifrin, Inc.
  38. Ronald R Raphael Ronald R Raphael Illinois CFM Deputy Director of Community Development at Elk Grove Village
  39. Brian C. Ratajczak Brian C. Ratajczak Illinois CFM SPACECO, Inc.
  40. Greg Ratajczak Greg Ratajczak Illinois CFM Will County Land Use Dept.
  41. Andrew J. Reeter Andrew J. Reeter Illinois CFM Fehr Graham
  42. Joseph A. Regis Joseph A. Regis Illinois CFM AMES Engineering, Inc.
  43. Matthew Richards Matthew Richards Illinois CFM Michael Baker International
  44. Mary J. Richardson Mary J. Richardson Illinois CFM Illinois State Water Survey
  45. Gavin Risley Gavin Risley Illinois CFM Klingner & Associates, P.C.
  46. Lee Rivera Lee Rivera Illinois CFM DuPage County Division of Transportation
  47. Jason Michael Rix Jason Michael Rix Illinois CFM City of Marseilles
  48. Lucas Roat Lucas Roat Illinois CFM Senior Water Resources Engineer at Ciorba Group, Inc.
  49. Jerry Robinson Jerry Robinson Illinois CFM Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
  50. Alexandra Rodriguez Alexandra Rodriguez Illinois CFM CDM Smith

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