Certification Renewal

Renewal Requirements

Initial certification is good for two years. At the end of the two-year period, a CFM must submit an application for biennial renewal. The biennial renewal application can be completed online in the portal. The ASFPM Login Portal is your go-to for everything related to keeping your certification current. The CFM will need to:

  • Update the CFM’s credentials;
  • Documentation that the required Continuing Education Policy has been met; and
  • Payment of the renewal fee.

CFM Portal

Once you have registered for the CFM Exam and/or are an ASFPM member, you will have a portal where you can maintain your information, one certified you will be notified about renewal and be able to submit CEC documentation. Save this link 

CFM Continuing Education Credit (CEC) Criteria

CFMs must obtain 16 CECs over their 2-year certification period. Credit may only be claimed once per certification period for each unique training. (e.g. CECs will only be given credit for the first time a CFM attends / teaches a course, even if CFM attended / taught it multiple times during their certification period). A maximum of 12 CECs may be obtained for any one event. Public/town meetings, board business, committee, association & policy meetings/conference calls, and/or virtual/web meetings are not CEC-eligible activities. CECs must be verified with proof of attendance (certificates). All activities submitted for CECs are subject to review and final approval. If you need CECs, ASFPM had complied a list of Pre-Approved Course List/trainings.

Renewal Procedure

  1. Approximately 1 year prior to the biennial renewal, the CFM will receive a reminder email discussing the CEC requirements and renewal process.
  2. Approximately 3 months prior to the two-year certification expiration, the CFM will receive an email notification.
  3. The CFM will submit a renewal application, renewal fee, and CEC activity documentation (if needed) to ASFPM for review.
  4. Individuals meeting the renewal requirements will be sent a new CFM certificate.
  5. Those not fulfilling the required renewal criteria by their renewal due date will be decertified and so notified.
  6. All verbal and written correspondence directed to the Certification Committee should be sent to ASFPM.

CEC Submittal Procedure

CECs may be submitted at any time during your two-year renewal cycle using the Continuing Education Credit Verification Form. Documentation/proof of participation in the activity submitted is required to assure that staff can apply the correct credit to a CFM’s records. As noted in the Schedule of CEC-Eligible Activities, different activities may require different documentation/proof of participation. The Continuing Education Credit Verification Form should accompany each activity’s documentation submitted to ASFPM to ensure proper credit. All credits submitted are verified by ASFPM staff.

If the activity is on the ASFPM Pre-Approved Course List, then the following must be submitted:

  1. A completed copy of the Continuing Education Credit Verification Form, with the pre-approved box checked;
  2. A copy of a certificate of completion/attendance and other required documentation as outlined in the Schedule of CEC-Eligible Activities provided by the training host. If such completion/attendance documentation is not provided, the provider/instructor must sign the Continuing Education Credit Verification Form.
  3. If the conference or training had concurrent sessions, the sessions that the CFM attended must be clearly marked.

If the activity is not on the ASFPM Pre-Approved Course List, then an agenda or other description of the activity with timeline/duration must be submitted in addition to the above documents.

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