IAFSM Annual Conference

The 2024 IAFSM Annual Conference was held March 12-13 at the Peoria Civic Center

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Conference Presentations

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Plenary Session Welcome Dr. Julie Nucci, Above the Flood: A Homeowner’s Experience Elevating the First House in the National Register of Historic Places in New York State

1A Funding Considerations in Floodplain Management
American Rescue Plan Act: Using COVID Funds to Address Flooding in DuPage County
* Leveraging Innovative Funding Strategies to Implement Nature-based Solutions to Reduce Flood Risk
* Mitigation, Building Codes and the Safeguarding Tomorrow Revolving Loan Fund

1B Stormwater Management: Design, Planning, and Compliance Perspectives
IDOT’s Pump Station 38: Challenging Design, Challenging Coordination
Champaign’s 20-year Stormwater Journey: Copper Slough Watershed Master Plan to Garden Hills and BeyondFrom Blueprint to Permit: Stormwater Compliance in Primrose Farm Expansion

1C Updates in Technology and Mapping
Mapping the Wabash River Floodplain: Whence This Historic Valley?
IllinoisFloodMaps.org – New and Improved!
Recent Updates to Illinois StreamStats

1D Tech, Turf and Data: Advancing Sustainable Landscapes and Outreach
Urgent Flood Response in Dearborn: A Pilot on Technology and Public Engagement
* Data-Driven Resident Flood Communication & Outreach
* Geosynthetic Turf Reinforcement: Mitigation of Channel Erosion from Hydraulic Stresses

 2A Tools for Floodplain Management
Substantial Damage Estimator & RAFT Training (60-minute Presentation)
Why is a Local Floodway Permit Always Required

2B Stormwater Solutions for Water Quality
* A New Generation of Regeneration: Innovative End-of-Pipe Stormwater Control Measures
Internal Phosphorus Loading in Lakes & Ponds: What is it & How do We Manage it?
* Fox River Implementation Plan: Roadmap for Improved Water Quality in the Fox River

2C Waterwise Strategies: Stormwater Resilience and Flood Mitigation
Treating Wilmes Lake, One Dose at a Time
Stormwater Master Planning Case Study: City of Glendale, Missouri
Maintaining the Momentum: From Planning to Action to Achieve Resilience

2D Perspectives in Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Modeling
Hydrology in the Weeds
Hydraulics in the Watershed
Green Infrastructure – Getting into the Nitty Gritty for Modeling and Design

3A Floodplain Management: Solutions for Erosion and Flooding
*  How Constructability of Boneyard Creek Impacted Project Cost
Knollwood Subdivision Flood Mitigation: Raise the Road!
Stream Relocation of Unnamed Tributary to the Kankakee River

3B Stormwater Management: Approaches to Urban Flooding
Flood Reduction Benefits: Concepts to Construction in the Village of Libertyville
Big Detention in the Little ROW
Providing Holistic Flooding Solutions in Urban Areas

3C Mapping and Modeling: Insights and Techniques
Transportation Resilience for Northeastern Illinois
Hydraulic Modeling for the Three Rivers HC145 Structure
* Building a Stormwater Digital Twin for Kane County   

3D Community Engagement and Organizing
* How to Create Community-Led Projects: An Overview of Jemez Principles of Democratic Organizing
NFIP Outreach
* Know your ABC’s: IFCJN & IAFSM DEIJ

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

IAFSM Board Meeting 

Plenary Session
*Roderick D. Scott, CFM, Flood Mitigation Solutions

4A Floodplain Management Compliance
Floodplain Administration and Permitting Basics
New Elevation Certifications, LOMAs and LOMR-Fs
* State of Illinois-Owned Properties and the NFIP

4B Stormwater Management: Mitigation in Urban Areas
* Ten Years, Two Floods, and Many Obstacles to Flood Protection in Chicago
Billions of Gallons for Climate Resiliency: Site Selection for MWRD Flood Storage Project
* Flood Control Improvements Case Study: MWRD/Crestwood

4C Mapping and Technology Enhancements
* Flood Risk Data for Land Use Decisions: A Closer Look at FEMA’s Risk MAP Data
The Happy Marriage Between Engineering and GIS
* Pulling Zone A data into GIS for BFEs

4D Interagency Collaboration and Coordination
* Flood Insurance Through the NFIP: An Overview of Flood Insurance and Lessons Learned
Cook County American Rescue Plan Act Stormwater Management Project
* What is a USASCE Project Partner Agreement (PPA) and does it need to be reformed?

5A State Regulations and Floodplain Mapping
* Raindrops Keep Falling on our Heads: State of Illinois DNR Office of Water Resources Floodplain Mapping Overview (60-minute presentation)
Lessons Learned in LOMRs: Case Studies in Floodplain Mapping and Permitting

5B Nature-Based Solutions in Stormwater Management
Scaling-up Green Stormwater Infrastructure in Underserved Communities Across the Greater Chicago RegionRiver Trail School Agricultural Program: Urban Forest & Stormwater Management
* Stanley Center for Peace & Security High Performance Water & Stormwater System

5C Nature-Based Solutions and Compliance
* Successful Wetland Mitigation Through a Public-Private Partnership in Kane County
A Case Study on the Stormwater Benefits of Wetland and Natural Area Restoration in an Urban Landscape
* Exploring the Clean Water Act: Understanding, Implementing & Budgeting for Regulation in Construction Site Design and Implementation   

5D Legislation and Policies for Floodplain Management
* IAFSM Legislation Committee Workshop, Part I: Current legislative proposals: an interactive discussion
* IAFSM Legislation Committee Workshop, Part II: Concepts for Future Legislation: an interactive discussion
* Coal Tar Sealant – To Ban or Not to Ban?

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