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  1. Scott Griffith Scott Griffith Illinois CFM Kimley-Horn
  2. Emily F Grimm Emily F Grimm Illinois CFM Transportation Hydraulics Team Lead at HDR
  3. Chris Gutkowski Chris Gutkowski Illinois CFM Clark Dietz, Inc.
  4. Jackie Gutman Jackie Gutman Illinois CFM HR Green, Inc.
  5. Scott R Hajek Scott R Hajek Illinois CFM Village Engineer - Development at Village of Huntley
  6. Richard Hall Richard Hall Illinois CFM Communication Express
  7. Howard J. Hamilton Howard J. Hamilton Illinois CFM President at Hamilton Consulting Engineers Inc.
  8. Chris W. Hanchett Chris W. Hanchett Illinois CFM V3 Companies
  9. David Handwerk David Handwerk Illinois CFM Chief, Economic Formulation Section at USACE - Chicago District
  10. Michael Hanke Michael Hanke Illinois CFM CDM Smith
  11. Marie Hansen Marie Hansen Illinois CFM Director of Development Services at Village of Barrington
  12. Robert J. Hansen Robert J. Hansen Illinois CFM Daniel Creaney Company
  13. Brett E Hanson Brett E Hanson Illinois CFM Hydraulic Engineer at USACE
  14. Chris Hanstad Chris Hanstad Illinois CFM Senior Hydraulic Engineer at Illinois State Water Survey
  15. Tim Harbaugh Tim Harbaugh Illinois CFM DuPage County
  16. Brad Hargett Brad Hargett Illinois CFM Assistant Village Engineer at Village of Bensenville
  17. Kiel Harms Kiel Harms Illinois CFM
  18. Stephen Haucke Stephen Haucke Illinois CFM MWRDGC
  19. Monica Hawk Monica Hawk Illinois CFM City of St. Charles
  20. T.J. Heavisides T.J. Heavisides Illinois CFM City of Springfield
  21. Clayton Heffter Clayton Heffter Illinois CFM DuPage County
  22. Glenn Heistand Glenn Heistand Illinois CFM Illinois State Water Survey
  23. Jenna Heller Jenna Heller Illinois CFM DuPage County
  24. David Hilty David Hilty Illinois CFM Epstein
  25. Jennifer Hintze Jennifer Hintze Illinois CFM Hydraulic Engineer at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  26. Kristine M. Hocking Kristine M. Hocking Illinois CFM Senior Civil Engineer at City of Warrenville
  27. Emily K. Hoffmann Emily K. Hoffmann Illinois CFM Cook Engineering Group
  28. Sandra L. Homola Sandra L. Homola Illinois CFM exp U.S. Services, Inc.
  29. Kevin Hoobler Kevin Hoobler Illinois CFM IDNR/OWR
  30. Joseph Hopson Joseph Hopson Illinois CFM Senior Drainage Engineer at Stantec
  31. Mark Hoskins Mark Hoskins, PE, CFM Illinois CFM IDNR/OWR
  32. Linnea Hruska Linnea Hruska Illinois CFM Michael Baker Engineering
  33. Ryan Hubb Ryan Hubb Illinois CFM Professional, Portfolio Services at CoreLogic Flood Services
  34. Alyssa Lee Huff Alyssa Lee Huff Illinois CFM Building Superintendent / Village Engineer at Village of Bedford Park
  35. Mary Huffman Mary Huffman Illinois CFM Manhard Consulting
  36. Jennifer M. Hughes Jennifer M. Hughes Illinois CFM Public Works Director/Village Engineer at Village of Oswego
  37. Sarah Hunn Sarah Hunn Illinois CFM DuPage County
  38. Bradley Iberg Bradley Iberg Illinois CFM GIS Analyst at City of Greenville
  39. Joseph Iliff Joseph Iliff Illinois CFM Building & Zoning Director at Village of Swansea, Illinois
  40. Charles Jackson Charles Jackson Illinois CFM MWRDGC
  41. Azizullah Jafari Azizullah Jafari Illinois CFM Weaver Consultants Group
  42. Ajay Jain Ajay Jain Illinois CFM HR Green, Inc.
  43. Adam D. James Adam D. James Illinois CFM Cook County Dept of Transportation and Highways
  44. Daniel W. Jay Daniel W. Jay Illinois CFM Resource Conservationist at Will / South Cook Soil & Water Conservation Dist.
  45. Ken Jay Ken Jay Illinois CFM Deputy Director of Public Works, Engineering & Administration at Elk Grove Village
  46. Matthew Jefferson Matthew Jefferson Illinois CFM Illinois State Water Survey
  47. Emily P Jenkins Emily P Jenkins Illinois CFM Farnsworth Group
  48. Addison Jobe Addison Jobe Illinois CFM H&H Engineer at Illinois State Water Survey
  49. Kent Johnson Kent Johnson Illinois CFM City of Elmhurst
  50. Kyle Johnson Kyle Johnson Illinois CFM Village of Buffalo Grove-Engineering Dept

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