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  1. Nicole Roedl Nicole Roedl Illinois CFM Will County Land Use Dept.
  2. Michael J. Rosborg Michael J. Rosborg Illinois CFM Millennia Professional Services
  3. Alana Rosenbaum Alana Rosenbaum Illinois CFM Baxter & Woodman
  4. Jorge Rueda Jorge Rueda Illinois CFM Senior Civil Engineer at Burns & McDonnell
  5. Philip D Ruiz Philip D Ruiz Illinois CFM Lake County SMC
  6. George S Ruppert George S Ruppert Illinois CFM Village of Palatine
  7. Derek M Russell CFM Derek M Russell Illinois CFM Code Admin. Floodplain Manager at Jersey County
  8. Eric L Sadler Eric L Sadler Illinois CFM Southern Company Gas
  9. Nikhil Sangwan Nikhil Sangwan Illinois CFM Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineer at Illinois State Water Survey
  10. Holly Sauter Holly Sauter Illinois CFM MWRDGC
  11. Steven K. Scheffel Steven K. Scheffel Illinois CFM Assistant County Engineer at Stephenson County Highway Department
  12. Alex Schiffer Alex Schiffer Illinois CFM Lake County
  13. Daniel Schmanski Daniel Schmanski Illinois CFM RS&H
  14. Henry Schmitz Henry Schmitz Illinois CFM Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc
  15. Rachel Schneider Rachel Schneider Illinois CFM Etscheid Duttlinger & Assoc.
  16. Ken Schroth Ken Schroth Illinois CFM City of Aurora
  17. Joseph Schuessler Joseph Schuessler Illinois CFM MWRDGC
  18. Jacob Seger Jacob Seger Illinois CFM Engineering Enterprises, Inc.
  19. Kevin A. Shaffer Kevin A. Shaffer Illinois CFM Haeger Engineering, LLC
  20. Sydney Shaffer Sydney Shaffer Illinois CFM Engineering Enterprises, Inc.
  21. Todd A. Shaffer Todd A. Shaffer Illinois CFM Principal at Haeger Engineering LLC
  22. Michael Shamsie Michael Shamsie Illinois CFM Landmark Engineering Group
  23. Kevin Shea Kevin Shea Illinois CFM Senior Project Engineer at Manhard Consulting
  24. Frank Shockey Frank Shockey, PhD Illinois CFM Senior NFIP Specialist at FEMA Region V
  25. Sam Shore Sam Shore Illinois CFM Planning & Zoning Coordinator at Village of Itasca
  26. Paul Siegfried Paul Siegfried Illinois CFM Baxter & Woodman, Inc.
  27. Andrew Sikich Andrew Sikich Illinois CFM Civil Engineering Manager at WBK Engineering, LLC
  28. Krashan K Singhal Krashan K Singhal Illinois CFM Supervising Drainage Engineer at WSP USA
  29. Delbert Keith Skimerhorn Delbert Keith Skimerhorn Illinois CFM Kankakee County Planning Department
  30. Scott Slemer Scott Slemer Illinois CFM Public Works Director at Village of Glen Carbon
  31. Christopher Slykas Christopher Slykas Illinois CFM W-T Civil Engineering, LLC
  32. Brian Smith Brian Smith Illinois CFM Village of South Holland
  33. Ronald Smith Ronald Smith Illinois CFM Robinson Engineering, Ltd.
  34. Chris Sous Chris Sous Illinois CFM City of Des Plaines
  35. Anthony Spinelli Anthony Spinelli Illinois CFM Strand Associates
  36. Michael Spolar Michael Spolar Illinois CFM Robinson Engineering Ltd.
  37. Mathew Stafford Mathew Stafford Illinois CFM Building and Zoning Official/Floodplain Manager at City of Ottawa
  38. Ralph Stark Ralph Stark Illinois CFM HR Green, Inc.
  39. Jeff Steele Jeff Steele Illinois CFM Gerald L Heinz & Associates
  40. Jon Stelle Jon Stelle Illinois CFM Village Engineer/Assistant Director of Public Works at Village of Hanover Park
  41. Nicholas Stepina Nicholas Stepina, PE, CFM Illinois CFM
  42. Helen Pappas Sterr Helen Pappas Sterr Illinois CFM Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways
  43. Evan M Stewart Evan M Stewart Illinois CFM U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  44. Daniel J. Strahan Daniel J. Strahan Illinois CFM Gewalt Hamilton Asociates, Inc.
  45. Marilyn L. Sucoe Marilyn L. Sucoe Illinois CFM
  46. Amy Summers Amy Summers Illinois CFM Milhouse Engineering & Construction
  47. Timothy F. Sumner Timothy F. Sumner Illinois CFM Project Manager at Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc
  48. Jingyun Sun Jingyun Sun, Master Illinois CFM Project Engineer at Michael Baker International
  49. Athar A. Syed Athar A. Syed Illinois CFM MWRDGC
  50. Vicki Sykes Vicki Sykes Illinois CFM V3 Companies

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