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  1. Emily T Szeszycki Allen Emily T Szeszycki Allen Illinois CFM Technical Manager at Michael Baker International
  2. Joseph Tebrugge Joseph Tebrugge Illinois CFM City of Wheaton
  3. Paresh K Thakkar Paresh K Thakkar Illinois CFM Senior Civil/Water Resources Engineer at EJM Engineering, Inc.
  4. Vinod N Thanki Vinod N Thanki Illinois CFM Globetrotters Engineering Corp.
  5. Souts Thavong Souts Thavong Illinois CFM Review Engineer at City of Aurora,Public Works Dept
  6. Troy R Thielen Troy R Thielen Illinois CFM Stantec
  7. Aaron Thomas Aaron Thomas Illinois CFM Illinois State Water Survey
  8. Greg Thorpe Greg Thorpe Illinois CFM Rock Island County
  9. James P Tigue James P Tigue Illinois CFM Village Engineer at Village of Glencoe
  10. Jesse Tinch Jesse Tinch Illinois CFM IDNR/OWR
  11. Mark J. Toberman Mark J. Toberman Illinois CFM Toberman & Associates
  12. Chris Tomich Chris Tomich Illinois CFM Village Engineer at Village of Morton Grove
  13. Brandon Tonarelli Brandon Tonarelli Illinois CFM Village Engineer at Village of North Aurora
  14. Camden Treadway Camden Treadway Illinois CFM
  15. Derek Treichel Derek Treichel Illinois CFM Edwin Hancock Engineering Co.
  16. Chad Truran Chad Truran Illinois CFM Building Official at City of O'Fallon
  17. Kayla Turner Kayla Turner Illinois CFM Chief Deputy at Jersey County
  18. Troy L Turner Troy L Turner Illinois CFM City Engineer at City of Collinsville
  19. Greg Ulreich Greg Ulreich Illinois CFM Village of Carol Stream
  20. Kathi Urban Kathi Urban Illinois CFM Director at Peoria County Department of Planning & Zoning
  21. Shauna Urlacher Shauna Urlacher Illinois CFM UrbanHydro
  22. Brian R. Valleskey Brian R. Valleskey Illinois CFM Senior Professional at Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.
  23. Corey Van Dyk Corey Van Dyk Illinois CFM Baxter & Woodman, Inc.
  24. Pete Vanderkloot III Pete Vanderkloot III Illinois CFM City of Champaign
  25. Aaron Vandermus Aaron Vandermus Illinois CFM Staff Engineer at Geosyntec Consultants
  26. Daniel Vanek Daniel Vanek, PE, CFM Illinois CFM Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.
  27. Spencer Veltema Spencer Veltema Illinois CFM Design Engineer at V3 Companies
  28. David Vogel David Vogel Illinois CFM V3 Companies
  29. Chris Vonnahme Chris Vonnahme Illinois CFM DuPage County
  30. Vassili Voskresenski Vassili Voskresenski Illinois CFM Senior Civil Engineer at Village of Villa Park
  31. Peter G. Wallers Peter G. Wallers Illinois CFM Engineering Enterprises, Inc
  32. Michael D. Warner Michael D. Warner Illinois CFM Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.
  33. John Watson John Watson Illinois CFM Sr. Civil Engineer of Water Resources at Forest Preserve District of Cook County
  34. Brian E. Wawczak Brian E. Wawczak Illinois CFM MWRDGC
  35. Mark Weber Mark Weber Illinois CFM Senior Project Engineer at Smith LaSalle, Inc.
  36. Joe Webster Joe Webster Illinois CFM
  37. Kerilyn Weick Kerilyn Weick Illinois CFM Urban Planner at City of Peoria
  38. Christopher J Welch Christopher J Welch Illinois CFM Forest Preserve District of Dupage County
  39. John M. Welch John M. Welch Illinois CFM Director of Public Works at Village of Lincolnwood
  40. Jacob Wellbank Jacob Wellbank Illinois CFM
  41. Tonya L Wells Tonya L Wells Illinois CFM Principal at Stantec
  42. Sarah Wenzel Sarah Wenzel Illinois CFM Baxter & Woodman
  43. Brian Wesolowski Brian Wesolowski Illinois CFM Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.
  44. Mark Wesolowski Mark Wesolowski Illinois CFM Robinson Engineering, Ltd.
  45. Dana E. West Dana E. West Illinois CFM Robinson Engineering, Ltd.
  46. Glenn H Westman Glenn H Westman Illinois CFM Wetland Specialist at Lake County SMC (retired 2023)
  47. Pamela Whitfield Pamela Whitfield Illinois CFM Senior Project Engineer II at Engineering Enterprises, Inc.
  48. Jeff Wickenkamp Jeff Wickenkamp Illinois CFM Hey and Associates, Inc.
  49. David Wilcox III David Wilcox III Illinois CFM Project Manager - Transportation Design Team at Ardmore Roderick
  50. Anne Wilford Anne Wilford Illinois CFM Kane County Government Water Resources

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