IAFSM recognizes outstanding floodplain managers and programs in the following categories

Floodplain Manager of the year

This award recognizes outstanding individual efforts and contributions at the local level. The award honors an individual responsible for the development of a distinguished local program or activity, or someone who struggles to implement flood hazard reduction at the local level in the absence of sophisticated programs and support.

Outstanding Service

Awarded to an IAFSM officer, a Federal, State, or Local Official, or a consultant who has gone above and beyond normal expectations and duties to promote or encourage IAFSM goals. This award may also be given to an agency that has inspired floodplain management efforts or implemented unique programs that encourage flood reduction.

Stormwater Management

Awarded to a floodplain manager, an individual, a group of individuals, a consultant, or an agency who improved stormwater management or reduced urban flood risks through creative engineering, regulatory measures, or other approaches. The award can also be considered for someone who struggles to implement flood hazard reduction at the local level in the absence of sophisticated programs and support.


This award is given to an individual or community that has encouraged flood hazard reduction through a buyout program, retrofitting, preparation of a mitigation plan, or other similar mitigation efforts.

Journalism or Public Education Award

This award is generally given media outlet that has produced floodplain or stormwater management special features during the year. The award can include individuals or agencies who have contributed to public awareness of floodplain or stormwater management issues.


This award honors Illinois law makers or local officials for their efforts in floodplain issues. The award can also be given to an individual who makes extraordinary efforts to encourage the passage of legislation or to a community that has adopted unique local regulations that promote floodplain management or flood damage reduction.

French and Mary Lu Wetmore Award for Lifetime Achievement

This award is the IAFSM’s highest honor. It is reserved for outstanding longtime floodplain managers. These individuals’ long-term contributions have made a noticeable impact on floodplain and stormwater management efforts in the State of Illinois. This award is not always given on a yearly basis.

To submit a nomination please go to our IAFSM Award Application page.

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