All committee chairs welcome assistance and input from interested members. Please contact any of our committee chairs with ideas or offers of assistance.

Annual Conference
The Annual Conference Committee is chaired by the Vice-Chair of IAFSM. The Vice-Chair is responsible for the Annual Conference program planning, logistics, and coordination. The entire IAFSM Board assists the Chair in the conference planning. The Annual Conference Chair can call on any member of IAFSM to assist him/her with audio/visual needs, working with vendors, obtaining sponsors and obtaining door prizes. The IAFSM Executive Secretary assists the Chair with the preparation of the Call for Speakers and conference registration activities.
  1. Sharon Osterby Sharon Osterby, Chair Water Resource Professional at Lake County Stormwater Management Commission
The awards Committee solicits candidates for the 7 awards categories: Floodplain Manager of the Year, Outstanding Service, Stormwater Management, Mitigation, Journalism, Legislation, and Lifetime Achievement. The Awards Committee votes on awards candidates, prepares the awards, and presents the awards during the annual conference.
  1. Sarah Hunn Sarah Hunn, Chair DuPage County
The IAFSM Certification Committee is responsible for the coordination of testing and continuing education for professionals involved in the various aspects of floodplain and stormwater management. The primary purpose of the Certification Committee is to assure proper compliance with both IAFSM and ASFPM requirements and to support the concept of sound professional ethics of individuals who are accredited under this program.
  1. Greg Thorpe Greg Thorpe, Chair Rock Island County
Community Rating System
Report to the Chairman of the IAFSM and advise him/her and other Board Members on policies and procedures concerning the Community Rating System. Advise Board Members on the current CRS status/participation of Illinois communities. Mentor local officials on the CRS program. Give guidance and direction to local officials, when necessary. Conduct training/retraining sessions as necessary. Observe local communities and make recommendations for joining CRS or for improving their CRS classification. Conduct periodic phone calls to gather feedback from local officials. Answer questions, during community visits or on the phone, when officials need further information on the CRS program. Meet with local officials to discuss what steps will be necessary to follow for further training, assistance, etc in CRS. Write articles for IAFSM news letter. Write position papers for review by the IAFSM. Attend training to maintain competency in the knowledge of CRS. Act as Liaison with the ASFPM CRS Liaison Representative and the ISO/CRS Specialist. Review the FEMA website and other FEMA documentation for current CRS information.
  1. Julie Lomax Julie Lomax, Chair Village of Downers Grove
Education Outreach
The Education and Outreach Committee assists with the organization of topic focused seminars, including logistics, negotiations with facilities, preparation of fliers and advertising. The Chair works with other Committee Chairs who are responsible for identifying topics and speakers.
  1. Diane Bouckaert Diane Bouckaert, Chair Manhard Consulting Ltd.
Floodplain Management
The Floodplain Management Committee is responsible for monitoring changes in floodplain regulations at the Federal level through FEMA, at the state level through IDNR-OWR, and at the local levels, which include counties and municipalities; and promote sound floodplain practices at the municipal, county, and state government levels that reflect current policies in IAFSM and ASFPM.
  1. Dawn Cosentino Dawn Cosentino, Chair Water Resources Engineer at Illinois State Water Survey
The Inter-Organizational Committee is charged with assuring regular communication between IAFSM and other closely-related professional organizations. The committee encourages members of IAFSM and the partner organizations to share information through conferences and publications.
  1. Ajay Jain Ajay Jain, Chair HR Green, Inc.
The Legislative Chair is responsible for monitoring legislation introduced at the state and national level and providing summaries of relevant legislation at the Board Meetings. The Legislative Chair shall help compose letters to our state and congressional representatives to communicate the IAFSM positions on relevant topics.
  1. Kay Whitlock Kay Whitlock, Chair Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
The Mitigation committee works with Education and Outreach Committee to help identify topics and speakers for seminars. They work to promote mitigation planning and activities throughout the State.
  1. Ron Davis Ron Davis, Chair IDNR/OWR
The Newsletter Committee is charged with preparing and editing four newsletters a year. The committee also coordinates with other state associations in a reciprocal newsletter sharing arrangement. The newsletter accepts content from IAFSM members for publication consideration. Please email the Chair/Editor with any information you'd like included for consideration in the newsletter.
  1. Jennifer N. H. Maercklein Jennifer N. H. Maercklein, Chair V3 Companies
Nominations & Elections
The Nominations and Elections Committee is charged with seeking qualified candidates and securing nominations for the four elected officer positions in accordance with the IAFSM Nominations and Elections Policy and providing the information to the Executive Secretary for the ballot and biographies and described in the policy.
  1. Mark Hoskins Mark Hoskins, Chair IDNR/OWR
Stormwater Management
Monitor new developments in Illinois and concerning stormwater management, both from a policy as well as a technical standpoint, in order to allow IAFSM to consistently evaluate contributions that it can make towards effective (and sustainable) stormwater management.Promote understanding and inclusion of comprehensive stormwater management practices and programs in municipal, county and state government activities.
  1. Steve R. Bicking Steve R. Bicking, Chair HR Green, Inc.
The Wetlands Committee is charged with periodically providing pertinent information on the functions and values of special aquatic sites, including wetlands, as related to stormwater management and flood plains.
  1. Tom Kehoe Tom Kehoe, Chair Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
Young Professionals Group
Mission Statement: To help recent graduates and those new to the industry mature professionally and to encourage young professional involvement within IAFSM.
  1. Alana Rosenbaum Alana Rosenbaum, Chair Baxter & Woodman
Youth Outreach
  1. Brian Chaille Brian Chaille, Chair Water Resources Engineer at Illinois State Water Survey

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