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  1. Ricky L. Clevenger Ricky L. Clevenger Illinois CFM Tyson Engineering, Inc.
  2. Scott W. Cofoid Scott W. Cofoid Illinois CFM ISO, Inc.
  3. Joanna S. Colletti Joanna S. Colletti Illinois CFM McHenry County Planning & Development
  4. Anthony K. Comerio Anthony K. Comerio Illinois CFM Chief Water Resources Engineer at Hanson Professional Services, Inc.
  5. Brian Cook Brian Cook Illinois CFM Lake County SMC
  6. Tim Cook Tim Cook Illinois CFM Lake County SMC
  7. Dawn Cosentino Dawn Cosentino Illinois CFM Primera Engineers, Ltd.
  8. Michael Cosme Michael Cosme Illinois CFM MWRDGC
  9. Mike Cothard Mike Cothard Illinois CFM Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
  10. Catrina Covino Catrina Covino Illinois CFM FEMA Region V
  11. James Coyle James Coyle Illinois CFM Greenberg Farrow
  12. Juli E Crane Juli E Crane Illinois CFM Lake County Stormwater Management Commission
  13. Cindy Cregmiles Cindy Cregmiles Illinois CFM Jersey County
  14. Anna Culcasi Anna Culcasi Illinois CFM Hey & Associates
  15. Robert Culp Robert Culp Illinois CFM Midwest Engineering Associates
  16. Steven L. Cutaia Steven L. Cutaia Illinois CFM
  17. Steven L Cutaia Steven L Cutaia Illinois CFM City of Prospect Heights
  18. Chris P. Dagiantis Chris P. Dagiantis Illinois CFM Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc
  19. Ilene Dailey Ilene Dailey Illinois CFM Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
  20. Harold Damron Harold Damron Illinois CFM Will County EMA
  21. Karen Daulton Lange Karen Daulton Lange, PE, CFM Illinois CFM Village Administrator at Village of Lake Barrington
  22. Ron Davis Ron Davis Illinois CFM IDNR/OWR
  23. Diana Davisson Diana Davisson Illinois CFM Illinois State Water Survey
  24. Mary DeBacker Mary DeBacker Illinois CFM FEMA
  25. Kelly DeGuia Kelly DeGuia Illinois CFM Unemployed
  26. Ryan Delves Ryan Delves Illinois CFM Stanley Consultants
  27. Roger Denick Roger Denick Illinois CFM Stantec
  28. Nick Desario Nick Desario Illinois CFM
  29. Scott L. Desplinter Scott L. Desplinter Illinois CFM Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc
  30. Kevin Dicks Kevin Dicks Illinois CFM GIS Specialist at Adams County Highway Department
  31. Susanna Diller Susanna Diller Illinois CFM
  32. Michael Dirkse Michael Dirkse Illinois CFM The Village of Downers Grove
  33. Will Dolan Will Dolan Illinois CFM Robinson Engineering, Ltd.
  34. Deanna Doohaluk Deanna Doohaluk Illinois CFM Hey and Associates, Inc.
  35. Joel Drabicki Joel Drabicki Illinois CFM Robinson Engineering, Ltd.
  36. Don Dressel Don Dressel Illinois CFM Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
  37. Sean Dudak Sean Dudak Illinois CFM DesignTek Engineering, Inc.
  38. Jon Duddles Jon Duddles Illinois CFM City of Des Plaines
  39. Kristopher Dunn Kristopher Dunn Illinois CFM City of Wheaton
  40. Patrick W. Dunn Patrick W. Dunn Illinois CFM CDM Smith
  41. Maureen Durkin Maureen Durkin Illinois CFM
  42. Timothy D. Eagleton Timothy D. Eagleton Illinois CFM FM Global
  43. Megan Elberts Megan Elberts Illinois CFM Gasperec Elberts Consulting LLC
  44. Dustin Erickson Dustin Erickson Illinois CFM Terra Engineering
  45. Daniel Evans Daniel Evans Illinois CFM Millennia Professional Services
  46. Lucy C Evans Lucy C Evans Illinois CFM Project Engineer at DuPage County Stormwater Management
  47. Jenna Fahey Jenna Fahey Illinois CFM DuPage County
  48. Sarah Fahy Sarah Fahy Illinois CFM Civil Engineer at EDI
  49. Mary Beth Falsey Mary Beth Falsey Illinois CFM DuPage County Stormwater Management
  50. Ray Fano Ray Fano Illinois CFM City of Naperville, IL

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