Community Rating System

Report to the Chairman of the IAFSM and advise him/her and other Board Members on policies and procedures concerning the Community Rating System. Advise Board Members on the current CRS status/participation of Illinois communities.

Mentor local officials on the CRS program.  Give guidance and direction to local officials, when necessary.  Conduct training/retraining sessions as necessary. Observe local communities and make recommendations for joining CRS or for improving their CRS classification.  Conduct periodic phone calls to gather feedback from local officials. Answer questions, during community visits or on the phone, when officials need further information on the CRS program. Meet with local officials to discuss what steps will be necessary to follow for further training, assistance, etc in CRS.  Write articles for IAFSM news letter.  Write position papers for review by the IAFSM. Attend training to maintain competency in the knowledge of CRS. Act as Liaison with the ASFPM CRS Liaison Representative and the ISO/CRS Specialist. Review the FEMA website and other FEMA documentation for current CRS information.

  1. Julie Lomax Julie Lomax, Chair Village of Downers Grove

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