2013 IAFSM Awards

Outstanding floodplain managers and exemplary programs were presented with IAFSM awards at 2013
conference in Normal. This year, the following awards were presented:

Floodplain Manager of the Year Award

Lake County Stormwater Management Commission

Lake County Stormwater Management Commission (SMC) was awarded the 2013 IAFSM Floodplain Manager of the Year Award. The Lake County SMC has revised and updated its existing Watershed Development Ordinance to comply with changes in the development and regulatory landscapes. Federal and state mandates now encourage a Watershed based approach in ordinances for floodplain management. During the Watershed Development Ordinance Update, every effort was made to encourage the participation of stakeholders and members of the general public. This was done through the website, survey, newsletters, the brochure, workshops and meetings. Over 70 meetings during a 5 year period were held with over 100 participants to discuss and develop an ordinance that will be referenced on a National basis. The Ordinance, combined with the Technical Reference Manual and on-going coordination efforts, demonstrates SMC’s hard work to articulate in words their vision for a smart sustainable watershed development strategy for Lake County. Approval of a new Floodplain Ordinance is a multi-agency process that involved Public, Municipal, State and Federal support.

Outstanding Service Award

Sarah Harbaugh

In 2007, Mary Lu Wetmore, who had served as IASFM’s Executive Secretary from the association’s beginning, announced she was moving to the West coast. With some long distance guidance from the Wetmores and the assistance of our Board members, we prepared a job description and began our search for a new Executive Secretary. Sarah Harbaugh applied for the position. The Board relied on the recommendation of Mike Cothard, who knew Sarah and felt that she was a person who could take over for Mary Lu. Sarah, of course, didn’t know what she was getting herself into. When Mary Lu’s boxes of IAFSM information started to arrive, Sarah looked stunned. The board held its breath. We found that we could not have gotten anyone more capable. She took over the job like the proverbial dog took to water, and began making it her own. We soon found, at her first IAFSM Conference, that Sarah was very resourceful. Since that first conference, Sarah has gone on to perform miracles, such as on-line registration, and has seen to it that all IAFSM activities go well. IAFSM is proud to present the “Outstanding Service Award” to our own Sarah Harbaugh.

Stormwater Management Award

DuPage County Stormwater Management

DuPage County Stormwater Management was awarded the 2013 IAFSM Stormwater Management of the Year Award. DuPage County has revised and updated its existing countywide Stormwater Ordinance to bring it up-to-date and to comply with changes in the development and regulatory landscapes. Federal and state mandates now require stormwater for redevelopment sites, which did not readily fit into the County’s previous ordinance structure. During the Stormwater Ordinance update process, every effort was made to encourage the participation of stakeholders and members of the general public. This was done through a website blog, survey, newsletters, brochure, and meetings. Development of the National Ordinance Review Technical Memorandum demonstrates the County’s effort to familiarize itself with programs that are at the forefront of sustainable and environmentally sensitive stormwater management elsewhere in the country, and incorporate appropriate national practices into the update of the Ordinance.

Mitigation Award

City of Champaign

This year’s mitigation award recognizes a type of project that is under-recognized by the committee. Typically the award goes toward a non-structural project, but this year the award is presented to the City of Champaign in recognition of the structural flood control measures constructed on Boneyard Creek on the campus of the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. The project was constructed in two phases that cost $25 million and $18 million, largely selffunded by the City in recognition of the importance of flood mitigation. The results were a solution that controls flooding in the Campus Town area, beautified the city, and provided recreational opportunities. Many of the attendees at this year’s conference took a field trip and received a guided tour of the project site.

Public Education Award

River Action

The 2013 IAFSM Public Education award was given to River Action. The organization shows passion, dedication, commitment, and, most importantly community admiration. Everyone in the Quad Cities knows about River Action. They are everywhere. Their statement sums up what they do: they

Connect People to the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River could create a natural barrier between the communities of Rock Island, Moline, Davenport and Bettendorf, but River Action has taken that natural barrier and turned it into a binding and unifying force. The river is a unique natural resource that ties all these communities together. They recognized that living with the river means accepting floods and learning to live with floods. River Action has connected the region to the river and
worked to make “living with the river” and reducing flood losses a reality.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Patrick J. Glithero

This year, IAFSM was proud to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Patrick J. Glithero. Pat has a long history of floodplain management in Illinois. He started his career as a local official in Illinois and Indiana. He joined FEMA and oversaw the 1993 flood recovery mitigation process, and went on to hold a number of other positions in FEMA until his current position leading FEMA’s mitigation division.

Although quiet and humble, Pat’s work, influence and professionalism have helped form the respected flood loss status Illinois enjoys today. Under Pat’s guidance following the Mississippi River flood of 1993, hazard floodplain mitigation made many strides--all uphill (no pun intended) away from the river. Pat and the entire mitigation team turned local officials into "born-again" mitigators, and his team’s efforts to "clear the floodplain" earned the respect of the Governor's office and legislators. Pat’s commitment to flood mitigation, his accomplishments following the Flood of 1993, and his long-standing partnership with the State of Illinois and Illinois communities have earned him this award.

2013 IAFSM Awards Committee:

David Schein
Ron Davis
Stu Richter
Scott Cofoid
Brian Eber
Paul Osman

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