2023 IAFSM Annual Conference

The 2023 IAFSM Annual Conference was held March 14-15 at the Tinley Park Convention Center. This conference had the largest attendance to date with almost 640 attendees.

We had 16 exhibitors at the conference. They got a lot of attention from the attendees.

Two tours were provided for attendees:
Lake Lorin Tour
Addison Creek Reservoir Tour

IAFSM would like to thank our generous sponsors that participated this year:

Gold Sponsors

Baxter & Woodman, Inc.

Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
Engineering Resource Associates

Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.

HR Green, Inc.

Silver Sponsors

Ciorba Group, Inc.
Civiltech Engineering, Inc.
Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
Engineering Enterprises, Inc.
Eveready Flood Control, Limited
Farnsworth Group
Hey and Associates, Inc.
Michael Baker International
Molly O’Toole & Associates
Pinnacle Engineering Group
V3 Companies
WBK Engineering, LLC

Bronze Sponsors

Bleck Engineering Co., Inc.
Clark Dietz
Geosyntec Consultants
HMG Engineers
Horner & Shifrin
Weaver Consultants Group

The Young Professional Group awarded 6 conference scholarships to college students studying topics related to objective of IAFSM.

Young Professional Student Scholarship Recipients

Conference Presentations

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Plenary Session
Dr. John Foley, Project Drawdown

1A Floodplain Management
* How to Calculate Structural Flood Damages
* The Multiple Benefits of Floodplain Easements: An Assessment of Demand for Floodplain Easements in the Upper Mississippi River Basin
* Multi-Benefit Floodplain Development in Illinois? A Workshop for the Private Sector

1B Urban Flooding
An Urban Flooding Case Study: The Village of Bedford Park
* Reducing Urban Flooding in Oak Lawn
* South Shore Community Resilience Plan: A New Model for Shoreline Resiliency

1C Stormwater Management
* Value Engineering and Strategic Timing to Move Forward with a Gully Erosion and Stormwater Project
* The School Springs Mitigation and Restoration
* Replacement of the Nettle Creek Aqueduct

1D Riverine Flooding
* From Modeled to Mapped: How to Delineate a Floodplain
* Fullersburg Dam Removal & Salt Creek Restoration
* Stratton-Bolger Lock & Dam Project: The Engineering & Construction of a Key Water Control Structure for Illinois

 Lunch Program
* ASFPM Foundation & Scholarship Program
* French & Mary Lou Wetmore Award for Lifetime Achievement

2A Green Infrastructure
* Green Infrastructure Guidelines for Transportation Projects
* Constructed Wetlands to Reduce Nutrients From Cropland Runoff: Implications for Urban Stormwater - Design and Construction Considerations
* Alternative Procurement Strategies for Green Infrastructure

2B Stormwater Management
* City of Wood Dale – Ward 2 & 3 Stormwater Improvements
* Kenilworth Green Streets Phase II
* What's in a Distribution? A Comparison of Stormwater Ordinances

2C Climate Change
* South Florida's Response to Predicted Sea Level Rise
* Resources for Equitable Flood Resilience
* Flood Resilient Infrastructure and Regulatory Requirements in a Changing Climate

2D Flood Insurance/Community Rating System
* Community Rating System (CRS) Program Credits and Activities
* RR 2.0 Top Myths & Facts - Helping Floodplain Mangers Better Understand Risk Rating 2.0
* Update of Silver Jackets Projects

Field Trip - Construction of Addison Creek Reservoir
Addison Creek Fact Sheet
Addison Creek Diagram & Aerial Picture

3A Floodplain Management
* IDNR Office of Water Resources Permit Program for NE Illinois
* Floodplain Management - The Basics (1 Hour Session)

3B Stormwater Management
* Impacts of Watershed Specific Release Rates on Disproportionately Impacted Communities in Cook County
* St. Peters, MO Willott Road
* The Fresh Coast Protection Partnership- Green Infrastructure Implementation in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Region

3C Modeling/Regulations
* Value Added 3D Modeling – Eagle Creek Flood Risk Reduction Project
* IAFSM Recommendations for H&H Modeling
* HEC-RAS 2D as a Tool for Stream Restoration Design and Permitting   

3D Legislation
* IAFSM Legislation Committee Workshop (90-minute Session)

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

IAFSM Board Meeting 

Plenary Session
*Erica Gies, Author of Water Always Wins: Thriving in an age of drought and deluge.

4A Wetlands
Urban Stream and Wetland Restoration – Lessons from Heritage Park on Buffalo Creek, Buffalo Grove, IL
* The Wild Mile

4B Urban Flooding
* Developing an Urban Flood Detection and Warning Network Using Low-Cost, Low-Power Sensors
* Landslide Mitigation Project
* 2-Stage Ditch Project in Dyer, IN

4C Stormwater Management/Water Quality
* Wilmette Stormwater Action Plan - Planning and Implementation of the Largest Capital Project in the Village's History
* Alternative Approach to Native Maintenance Program Management
* BMPs to Control Peoria Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs)

4D Rainfall Technical Analysis
* What shape is your rain? A case study of precipitation distributions
* New At-Streamgage Quantiles and Regression Equations for Estimating Peak-Flow Quantiles in Illinois
* Hydrology/Meteorology Outreach Using the WARDS Watershed Model

Field Trip - Lake Lorin Shore Stabilization and Habitat Restoration

5A Stormwater Management
* Volume Control: Alternatives to Infiltration
* Infrastructure Investments in Lake County Part 1: The Unofficial Guide to Getting Grants
* Mahoney Creek Watershed Planning and Project Implementation: Batavia, IL

5B Floodplain Management
* How to Complete a Substantial Damage/Substantial Improvement Evaluations
* LOMR-F: What is Reasonably Safe from Flooding?
* LOMR Common Application Issues and Community Sign Off Considerations

5C Stormwater Management
* FEQ for the Municipal/Review Engineer (90-Minute Session)

5D Outreach
What I Wish I Knew: Strategic Career Planning for New Engineers
* Building Inclusive Partnerships Through Effective Outreach and Engagement
* Life Lessons from a Major Golf Course Renovation on an Existing Landfill  

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