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  1. Todd O. Abrams Todd O. Abrams Illinois CFM W-T Civil Engineering, LLC
  2. Joey Abramson Joey Abramson Illinois CFM Civiltech Engineering
  3. Dayna Adamczyk Dayna Adamczyk Illinois CFM Baxter & Woodman, Inc.
  4. Alex Alejandro Alex Alejandro Illinois CFM Edwin Hancock Engineering
  5. Kingsley Allan Kingsley Allan Illinois CFM Illinois State Water Survey
  6. Dallas Alley Dallas Alley Illinois CFM City of Fairview Heights
  7. Sonia Almaraz Sonia Almaraz Illinois CFM CDM Smtih
  8. Stephen Altman Stephen Altman Illinois CFM Manager, Division of Resource Management at IDNR/OWR
  9. Steve Amann Steve Amann Illinois CFM Baxter & Woodman, Inc.
  10. Elliot Anderson Elliot Anderson Illinois CFM University of Iowa
  11. Emily Anderson Emily Anderson Illinois CFM Christopher B Burke Engineering Ltd.
  12. Kenneth N. Anderson, Jr. Mr. Kenneth N. Anderson, Jr. Illinois CFM Environmental Project Manager at Engineering Resource Associates, Inc.
  13. John Antonoglu John Antonoglu Illinois CFM Primera Engineers
  14. Scott Arends Mr Scott Arends, BS Illinois CFM Senior Associate at Hazen and Sawyer
  15. Taylor Armbruster Taylor Armbruster Illinois CFM Planner I at Peoria County
  16. Melanie Arnold Melanie Arnold Illinois CFM Robinson Engineering
  17. Matthew Asselmeier Matthew Asselmeier Illinois CFM Kendall County Planning, Building & Zoning
  18. Bruno Athmanathan Bruno Athmanathan Illinois CFM IDNR/OWR
  19. Robert Bachkosky Robert Bachkosky Illinois CFM Mackie Consultants LLC
  20. Evan Baczek Evan Baczek Illinois CFM DuPage County Stormwater Management
  21. Raspal S. Bajwa Raspal S. Bajwa Illinois CFM Senior Project Manager at Infrastructure Engineering, Inc.
  22. Steve Bange Steve Bange Illinois CFM City of Quincy
  23. Sudip Baral Sudip Baral Illinois CFM Project Engineer at Hutchison Engineering Inc
  24. Matthew R. Bardol Matthew R. Bardol Illinois CFM Geosyntec Consultants
  25. George Barrett George Barrett Illinois CFM Owner, Professional Land Surveyor at BARRETT LAND SURVEYING
  26. Matthew D. Barry Matthew D. Barry Illinois CFM Village of Palatine
  27. Justin Bartels Justin Bartels Illinois CFM Principal Hydraulic Engineer at Stantec
  28. Emily K. Basalla Emily K. Basalla, PE, CFM Illinois CFM Area Manager WI-S/Vice President at Clark Dietz, Inc.
  29. Noel Basquin Noel Basquin Illinois CFM Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways
  30. Michael Bauling Michael Bauling Illinois CFM IDNR
  31. Kurt M. Baumann Kurt M. Baumann Illinois CFM Baxter & Woodman, Inc.
  32. Nicholas Becker Nicholas Becker Illinois CFM R.K. Johnson & Associates
  33. Kerry K Behr Kerry K Behr Illinois CFM Village of Oswego
  34. Brian J. Bennett Brian J. Bennett Illinois CFM HBK Engineering
  35. Emily Bergner Emily Bergner Illinois CFM Engineer at Robinson Engineering, Ltd.
  36. Laura M Berkley Laura M Berkley Illinois CFM City of Davenport
  37. James J. Bernahl James J. Bernahl Illinois CFM Director of Engineering/Village Engineer at Village of Winnetka
  38. Steve R. Bicking Steve R. Bicking Illinois CFM HR Green, Inc.
  39. Andrew J. Billing Andrew J. Billing Illinois CFM Mackie Consultants, LLC consultant to City of Chicago
  40. Jeremy Bishoff Jeremy Bishoff Illinois CFM IDOT
  41. Heather Bishop Heather Bishop Illinois CFM US Army Corps of Engineers
  42. Chad Blackney Chad Blackney Illinois CFM Civil Engineer at Federal Energy Regulatory Comission
  43. Mea Blauer Mea Blauer Illinois CFM Sr. Civil Engineer at Lake County Stormwater Management Commission
  44. Patrick J. Bleck Patrick J. Bleck Illinois CFM Bleck Engineering Co., Inc.
  45. Adam M. Boeche Adam M. Boeche Illinois CFM Village of Mundelein
  46. Bernard Bono Bernard Bono Illinois CFM Bono Consulting Civil Engineers
  47. Nathan Bottom Nathan Bottom Illinois CFM City of Springfield
  48. Diane Bouckaert Diane Bouckaert Illinois CFM Manhard Consulting Ltd.
  49. Paul Bourke Paul Bourke Illinois CFM Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
  50. Jennifer Boyer Jennifer Boyer, PWS Illinois CFM Environmental Projects Coordinator at DuPage County

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