What is a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM)?

At the ASFPM Annual Conference in Austin, Texas, the Chair of the ASFPM Certification Board of Regents answered this question. "I think the simplest way to put it is that Certified Floodplain Managers are people who know their stuff. They have a proven level of expertise in

  • Floodplain mapping,
  • "The requirements and standards of the National Flood Insurance Program,
  • "The requirements and standards of their state floodplain management programs, and
  • "The administrative procedures needed to make floodplain management work at the community level.

"How do we know this? Because a certified floodplain manager has passed a rigorous closed book test. It isn’t easy. Nationally, one-third of those who have tried have failed that test.

"Why should you want to go through the pain and suffering of preparing for and taking an exam? Let me list four benefits of becoming certified.

  • "First, you will have confidence in your level of knowledge. You can’t pass the exam unless you know your stuff.
  • "Second, being certified tells others that your professional capabilities have been recognized by a national program.
  • "Third, certification is the motivation for continuing education. You can’t stay certified unless you stay abreast of developments in the field by attending workshops, conferences or training courses.
  • "Fourth, it can help you in the job market. If you are an employer – you can count on CFMs to know their stuff."

We have several cases where people have gotten raises, bonuses or promotions for being certified. We have seen some job advertisements where the employer either wants a CFM or expects the person to become a CFM within a certain time.

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