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Posted on Jun 28, 2022

1. Organizes, plans, executes, controls and evaluates the Lake Michigan program:

Develops and implements statewide policies and procedures governing the execution of the program which includes the completion site inspections to manage the waters and shorelines of Lake Michigan in Illinois.

Ensures compliance with the standards established and mandated by the Illinois Rivers, Lakes and Streams Act as well as allocating Lake Michigan water to municipalities and other users in Northeastern Illinois in accordance with the State law and U.S. Supreme Court Decree.

Regulates the constructions in the waters and along the shoreline of Lake Michigan in Illinois.

Addresses water quantity management issues on the Great Lakes in collaboration with the other Great Lakes states and Canadian Provinces.

Directs the development and/or revision of legislation related to the program.

Travels within the Northeastern Illinois metropolitan area and throughout the Great Lakes Basin.

2. Develops and assembles data and evidence to develop reports on water supply and resource needs of Lake Michigan water use applications:

Implements effective programs for data collection to oversee water use in the six (6) county area of Northeastern Illinois.

Reviews and ensures Illinois’ continued compliance with the US Supreme Court Decree that limits Illinois’ allowable division of water from Lake Michigan.

Oversees the review of evidence submitted to the Department at formal hearings and other technical and planning information to make accurate projections of present and future population, water use and available supply.

Develops and equitable and economical method for the allocation of available supplies.

3. Provides the strategy for, prepares and executes the annual operating budget for the section:

Establishes and revises section priorities based on finalized budgetary allotments.

Approves all budgetary expenditures for the section.

4. Serves as full-line supervisor:

Assigns and reviews work

Provides guidance and training to assigned staff

Counsels staff regarding work performance

Reassigns staff to meet day-to-day operating needs

Establishes annual goals and objectives

Approves time off

Adjusts first level grievances

Effectively recommends and imposes discipline up to and including discharge

Prepares and signs performance evaluations

Determines and recommends staffing needs

5. Recommends policies and procedures dealing with legislative and management issues and analyzes processes that affect the shoreline and the Illinois portion of Lake Michigan in cooperation with other state, regional, municipal, and private sector individuals concerned with Lake Michigan and commercial water transportation:

Implements all safety rules, practices and policies of the Department and provides the necessary training and direction to ensure compliance.

6. Speaks and commits to a plan of action on behalf of the Governor, in representing the interests of Illinois and the Northeastern Illinois region in regional, interstate and international organizations concerning the Great Lakes and in developing a legislative agenda:

Manages the regulation of activities in or adjacent to the Illinois portion of Lake Michigan to ensure compliance with State statutes.

Recommends issuance or denial of requested applications for permit to the Division Manager, Office Director and Department Director.

7. Performs other duties required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above.


Minimum Requirements: 

1. Requires knowledge, skill and mental development to completion of four years of college with courses in business or public administration.

2.  Requires a minimum of four years of progressively responsible experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Prefers (2) two years of working knowledge and experience related to surface and groundwater sources.

2. Prefers (2) two years of working knowledge and experience to analyze and develop reports on data provided.

3. Prefers (2) two years of working knowledge of lateral drift.

4. Prefers (2) two years of working knowledge and experience to motivate and manage professional staff in order to accomplish the goals of the Section

Employment Conditions:

1.  Ability to pass a background check.

2.  Valid driver's license.

3.  Ability to travel.


160 N. La Salle St
Chicago, 60601-3130
United States

How to apply


Please Attach a DETAILED Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV), a copy of your transcripts or diploma for all degrees earned, and a cop of any applicable professional licensures to the My Documents section of your application.

Please note that the Department of Natural Resources must verify proof of higher education for any degree earned (if applicable ) before any offer can be extended.  You will NOT be considered for the position if you attach a CMS100, CMS100b or any other document in LIEU of a Resume or CV.

Agency Contact:

Stephen Altman

Department of Natural Resources


Phone: 217-524-1028

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